Blog Update / 03.28.14

Migrating to Nimrod, nginx, and my Cubox-i

I've just finished porting over my blog to Nimrod so that it will run on effectively any platform, allowing me to host my site on my tiny little Debian powered Cubox-i!

Unfortunately, that also means I'm no longer going to host the "rdio jukebox", but that was merely an experimental use of the rdio API for largely selfish purposes.


This is a nifty little device! It was a bit trickier to get set up than I initially thought it would, but after much trial and error I was able to finally get the correct Debian version running on it.

From there I decided it was about time I retire my old Windows server and move my blog and a couple other applications over to my Cubox.


This leads me to Nimrod A very nifty little language with syntax Python programmers should find moderately familiar, but which is actually compiled to C (and then, ultimately, to binary). I'm going to be working on more posts to show off this language soon.

One thing to note about Nimrod is that it is still pre-1.0, meaning there are bugs and regressions happening a lot. If you want to play around with it, it's recommended that you clone the devel branch on their github instead of grabbing the installer from the nimrod-lang site.

I'm not really using much of Nimrod right now except to convert my blog posts from reStructuredText to HTML, and them embed the generated HTML into an HTML layout, and serve it all up to nginx!


Nimrod has officially been renamed to 'Nim'