Jukebox Update / 05.18.13

Update 1

I've been working to stabilize the jukebox before adding very many enhancements. I've cleared up a few pernicious little bugs, but there are still a couple out there I've been attempting to track down.

Here's what I've added though:

  1. Users can now downvote tracks
  2. When the jukebox player quits, any connected contributors will automatically be cleared
  3. Many small bugfixes and tweaks

I'm hoping that this will be stable enough for me to 'call it good' for now. There are still a couple new features I am planning on adding, such as:

  1. A fullscreen visualizer
  2. Improve 'next track' selection algorithm
  3. More control of music from the player interface.

Beyond that have just been simple improvements to my blog engine that are mainly for my own benefit; I can now make block quotes, bold and italicize blocks of text, etc.

I've also restyled the gallery and the footer of the site and added in a (hopefully) subtle pseudo-random animation in the background which I can go into more details on in a future post.