New Blog / 04.06.13

Where is everything?

I have lots of ideas for posts coming, but it will take some time to actually get everything ready. I'm also still finalizing the Jukebox functionality, and ironing out a few production issues which have cropped up in the Jukebox's authentication mechanism.

Update: The Jukebox is now working, but still has some issues keeping synced; so my next tasks are to

Update 2: The Jukebox is causing server stability issues, so I'm taking it down while I figure it out locally. More to come :S

Update 3: Okay, the Jukebox is back.. Unfortunately I've discovered a limitation in IIS (enforced by the Windows licensing team, a.k.a. lawyers), which means I can only keep 10 concurrent requests going at any given time.. so until I move to a real production server, the Jukebox can't be used by too many people simultaneously ;)

Stay tuned!