The Jukebox / 05.02.13

What's the Jukebox?

I figured it was time to release this beast. I've been playing with the web API for a while now. I was originally planning on creating an app that allowed you to remote control rdio playing on your computer with your phone, but then rdio themselves added support for that in their own rdio android app (which, by the way, is still atrociously buggy and slow.. but that's another post), which summarily destroyed my resolve to actually finish that project.

Then I had another idea. Whenever I'm at a house party, people always have requests for what music they want to hear; people end up jumping onto the computer or trying to plug their phone into the stereo so they can play something from their own collection. What if users could simply point their phone at a computer, and remotely contribute their music to the party?

Try it out here.

Okay, so how do I actually play music?

When you log into the jukebox (with a new or existing account), you will see a simple screen displaying a QR code. Scanning the QR code will essentially pair your phone with your computer, by sending it to what I call the 'contributor' interface in the phone's browser.

Once the contributor interface is open on your phone, you can start searching for music, and 'voting' for it by tapping on the track of your choice. Closing the search box reveals the currently playing track and the list of queued tracks.

If you go look back over to your computer now, you should see a mirrored interface of what's playing, and what's coming up (below).

The idea

The idea behind all this is that now multiple users can pair their phones to your active jukebox session at any size shindig and vote for what music they want to hear. There is a rather naive algorithm powering the voting system for right now, and I'm hoping to improve upon it in the coming weeks, but you should see more popular music coming up in the queue more often.

Future plans