Cummins© | PowerCommand Cloud

Cummins PowerCommand Cloud is a cloud-based platform hosted in Microsoft Azure designed to provide remote monitoring of generators all around the world. The platform alerts stakeholders and technicians of power outages the moment they happen, and gives users the ability to update device configurations and send commands to their assets in the field. PowerCommand Cloud is also the backbone behind Cummins Connect Cloud, which allows consumers to manage their QuietConnect home standby generators online or from their phone. PowerCommand Cloud is scalable, giving it the flexibility to support hundreds of thousands of consumer and commercial generators connected and sending telemetry simultaneously. We utilized Orleans, Microsoft's open source actor model offering, to coordinate a cluster of servers capable of tracking thousands of devices at once.

Role: Lead Developer

Technologies: C#, ASP .NET, Microsoft SQL, Azure PaaS, Microsoft Orleans

CRF© | Connect2Capital

CRF's Connect2Capital Marketplace was developed as a matchmaking service to connect potential borrowers to mission-based, non-profit lenders all around the country. After filling in a simple form, the borrower is presented with a list of lender products that match their needs. If no matching product is found, a list of other helpful resources is displayed. The application is multi-tenant and brandable, allowing partnered banks to generate referrals for potential borrowers on the Connect2Capital platform, seemlessly guiding the user to nearby lenders which can help them with their needs. On the partner side, users are able to view detailed reports with extensive breakdowns and trending charts of the leads generated by Connect2Capital. The platform also allows 3rd party integration for both lending and bank partners to generate leads into existing CRM systems, from CRF's own Spark and Microsoft's CRM.

Role: Lead Developer

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Core, Microsoft SQL

Ellie Mae© | AllRegs MarketClarity

AllRegs MarketClarity provides lenders with a deep dive into the mortgage market, keeping their users abreast of thousands of mortgage products available in the United States. The application gives users powerful search tools to tailor reports to their exacting needs, and gives them the ability to tag several products for side-by-side comparison. The product library is updated continuously, and alerts users of changes to products they follow. The platform was built with speed in mind; indexing thousands of records allowing users to click through and filter their results instantaneously.

Role: Lead Developer

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL